Allow students to practice comprehensive company specific aptitude tests to understand Training Need Analysis on various sections of aptitude test and subsequently provide training for best results.

  • - STUDENTS -
    Practice company specific aptitude tests to understand the Exam Pattern, Sections, Syllabus, and Time Limit. Once you are done with the exam of a particular company, view your Analysis Report on Overall and Section Wise performance.

    Companies can conduct aptitude tests through our tool to leverage interview process and also choose students from our pool of tested profiles for quick recruitment.

  • - Our Vision -
    To ensure that every student in any corner of India gets an equal opportunity to build a career.


Exam Pattern

Exampattern envisions scalable, equitable, merit driven market providing credibility access to Talent and Opportunity.

Colleges & Universities

We help colleges measure and improve employability of their students. While our 'Continuous Evaluation' Program helps institutions understand industry benchmarks and customize training standards, our Pre Assessment solution increases the number of corporate looking at your students.

Employbility Tests
Corporate Companies

We use technology to help corporate assess and hire candidates from campus and beyond. Use our Tools to assess online, shortlist in seconds, manage interviews and roll out offer with a click.
Use Our Tools to find the candidate you are looking for ASAP - reduce cost and time spent.